Bedroom Ideas

Create a Bedroom that a Teenager Will Love

Written by Gloria

Find fun and creative decorating ideas and design tips for teen bedrooms that will have everyone wanting a room just like yours.

Teen bedrooms are fun decorating projects, full of color, energy, the latest trends and creative ideas.

The Photographer

Many teens love taking pictures of themselves, their friends, their favorite things and just about anything.

Take advantage of this hobby and turn it into room décor by taking the photos to a wall decal store and having decals made or having photos blown up onto large canvases. Or for a more temporary décor, buy some large frames and have photos enlarged and then replaced seasonally.

To make the room more interesting and creative, take close up photos of everyday items so they’re almost indistinguishable and suddenly you have modern abstract art images.

The bed is one of the first things we buy, so you will need to get bedding too. Bedding and window treatments, buy cheap white sheets or fabric and print photos onto iron-on paper and then create personalized printed fabric by ironing pictures on to the sheets. A little sewing or fabric tape and you can easily turn a sheet into a curtain.

Go Retro

A retro bedroom is fun for a bargain hunter as a lot of shopping might be necessary to find just the right items, but by scouring flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and second-hand stores great deals on original pieces can be found.

Decades such as the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are very popular with teens and provide awesome ways to bring excitement and energy into a room.

Almost everything needed to decorate a room with a retro theme can be found through some bargain shopping or online. Although a little elbow grease and a lot of painting and cleaning may be necessary the results of an authentic retro room are truly impressive.

Look for decorating magazines from that era to get tips for decorating and use some of those images as artwork in the room.

Contemporary Chic

Contemporary chic style is recognizable by its bold solid colors, clean lines and metallic touches.

The best way to accomplish the look of bold solid colors is paint, lots of paint. Remember that paint is relatively inexpensive and time, patience and learning painting basics make it easy to create a professional looking finish.

Adding a metallic touch is easier than ever with metallic paints, metallic foils and even tin foil.

For a bigger visual punch and wow factor, paint one accent wall a solid vivid color and then purchase large sheets of inexpensive plywood and cut out geometric shapes. Paint the plywood and the remaining walls a contrasting color and then prop the plywood up against the accent wall.

Find creative ways to repeat these geometric shapes throughout the room’s décor by using fabric paint on inexpensive bedding and window treatments.

Look for small accent mirrors in the same shapes and install them throughout the room for depth and a metallic touch.

Remember the typical teen follows trends and their tastes change frequently so the structural elements of a bedroom should remain functional, solid and neutral in structure. By purchasing sturdy furniture that can last through several trends there is more room in the budget to play with color, bedding, window treatments, lighting and other decorative elements on a more frequent basis. And by doing some bargain shopping and treating each redecorating project as a do-it-yourself project the budget is even more flexible for future tweaks to the bedroom décor.

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