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Why Buy a High Sleeper Bed?

Written by Gloria

Furniture shopping is something that should be considered carefully, as your furniture usually needs to last for several years. High sleeper beds have become fashionable in recent years, which is not surprising because they offer many advantages over bed bases.

When you need to buy new bedroom furniture, instead of choosing a regular bed for your children’s room take a look at the options available with high sleeper beds, which are sometimes also known as loft beds.

Not only do high sleeper beds look stylish and modern, they also have great space saving benefits. Unlike bunk beds, high sleeper beds have space underneath the mattress, where you can place additional furniture. This is not an only excellent solution for making the most of limited space in small rooms, but it also keeps everything very close to hand so your child can gather all of his belongings together easily when in a hurry and late for school.

Most manufacturers offer two types of high sleepers, those that have incorporated furniture already built into the design or those that have empty space underneath. If you are thinking of replacing all the furniture in your child’s bedroom, it is a good idea to go for a bed that is built with additional wardrobes, drawers, bookshelves and a computer desk. If you already have these items and do not wish to spend more money than necessary, opt for a bed with free space underneath.

If you don’t want traditional bunk beds, but need to sleep two people in a small space, a high sleeper is an ideal option because you can fit the second bed partially underneath the high sleeper in an L-shape. This allows for two people to sleep in a small space although not directly one above the other.

High sleepers come in many themes and bright colours. There are those designed for young children painted with primary colours and decorated with bright motifs and other accessories. High sleepers for younger children are usually well enclosed to make sure there is absolutely no chance of the child falling out of bed. For extra security you can buy high sleepers with wooden steps reaching to the mattress rather than a ladder.

High sleepers for older kids and teens are available in stylish designs, and many are geared for when your child has his friends visiting. You can choose a high sleeper with a futon underneath, which is ideal for guests to sit on or to sleep on if staying for the night. High sleepers for teens usually also incorporate space to study with a pull or roll out computer desk, bookshelves, as well as plenty of storage space for clothes and sports gear.

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