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Be Prepared For Winter With The Best Type Of Fireplace For Heating The Home Well

Written by Gloria

In history, fireplaces were mainly used as places for cooking, to provide warmth to the occupants of a house and heating water which was used for bathing and laundry purposes. Today, they provide warmth during cold days or you can choose a model like a superb marble fireplace which will also create a wonderful ambiance in homes. Companies have come up and created various fireplaces that use different sources of energy to help home owners to be able to install and use easily. Which is the best type of fireplace for heating a home?

Wood Burning Fireplace

This kind of fireplace uses pieces of wood in order to provide warmth. They have been around for a long time and they are the original fireplaces. For those who cannot get wood easily, they can acquire inserts in place of wood. This fireplace requires constant cleaning to remove soot, ash and any unwanted pests such as bird nest. The main disadvantage of a wood burning fireplace is the lack of accessibility to wood and constant maintenance.

Gas Fireplace

This kind of fireplace requires the installation of a gas line and a button is used to start and stop the fire. There are three types; direct vented which is vented through walls, top vented which needs a chimney and ventless which releases exhaust fumes in your home. Gas fireplaces are seen to be disadvantageous because they drive gas bills higher and are expensive.

Ethanol Fireplace

This type of fireplace uses ethanol which is produced from plants mainly corn. It doesn’t release any carbon dioxide or toxic compounds when burnt. Although they are friendly to run, they are expensive to purchase and maintain.

Electric Fireplace

It is simple to install and run. It uses electricity as a source of energy. It only requires the plugging of the device and it starts working. Although simple to use, it is quite expensive to run since it increases your electricity bill and also its use has not actually caught on.

Pellets Fireplace

They use pellets which are made from biomass waste and dried wood and compresses to form pellets. It uses an internal electric fan to spread the heat. It produces no smoke and odor but it is expensive to run since it will increase the electric bill and the pellets may be hard to get.

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