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Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit?

Written by Gloria

The electronic cigarette has enjoyed a phenomenal growth in terms of popularity over the last decade and is often promoted as a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco smoking, but can the new devices actually help you quit? It would not be correct to describe electronic cigarettes as devices that have the aim for the user to quit smoking altogether, however that being said there have been several scientific studies in the past that have come to the conclusion that use of the new e-cigs have alleviated the desire to smoke by some users. The question of can they really help you quit is in essence an unanswered one – the products are relatively new on the scene and therefore more research needs to be carried out.

Electronic cigarettes are certainly considered a healthier alternative as switching to vaping eliminates all of the chemicals produced by burning a tobacco cigarette, several of which cause cancer. However, it would again be wrong to describe e-cigs as totally healthy – for example, nicotine can still be present (the level determined by the user with the option to eliminate the stimulant also possible) and if it is, then the same buzz can still be created. The good news for anyone thinking about switching to vaping by electronic means is that more and more information is becoming available in the digital age in which we now live and hence help to find that best fitting product is a matter of a few easy clicks away with the best electronic cigarette reviews available online.

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