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Caring For A Precious Persian Rug

Written by Gloria

Adding Persian rugs to your home is a great way to decorate any room. However, they are typically really delicate and can easily get damaged over time due to excessive use. The wear and tear which comes with the age of Persian rugs can be easily be reduced by using a few simple techniques.

Caring For Persian Rugs

The best way to keep Persian rugs clean is to vacuum them regularly. Vacuuming is also a great way to prevent the fibers from becoming packed. One thing to keep in mind is some vacuums have beater bars that can grab loose fibers. This can lead to a tear or a run in the rug. You can find out more on this site.

One of the biggest issues with rugs in a home is damage caused by sunlight. Make sure to keep Persian rugs away from areas where there is direct sunlight. Rugs in direct sunlight will start to fade or have an area that is lighter in color. Antique rugs or rugs with natural colors will be affected by sun the most.

Rugs that are in direct sunlight need to be rotated regularly. You should rotate your Persian rugs at least once each month. This will not prevent fading, but the color will remain uniform. Rotating will need to be done once every three months for rugs in areas where direct sunlight is not present.

Check regularly for carpet bugs. The first indication these creatures are in your home is thinning patches around the edge of the rug. Should you notice this it is best to call in the professionals – I recently called whom I found to be cheap and efficient.

Twisted fringe will develop in Persian rugs over time. One option to straighten the fringe is to shake the rugs very gently. You do not want to use a brush or comb to straighten the fringe.

Reposition the placement of a rug or where furniture is located to change the wear pattern to limit wear and damage. Rugs with a single wear pattern are subject to more wear and tear in a home.

Any spills on your Persian rugs need to be cleaned immediately. Press on the spill with paper towels as this helps absorb the liquid and keep it contained. Water is the only substance that should be used to clean any spills on antique rugs or Persian rugs. If a stain is to difficult to remove, then you need to take the rug to a professional cleaner.

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